There's an urgent longing or an empty void in our city. Every time  something happens whether it's positive or negative. There are questions that are ponder or asked but are left unanswered after the events. Voices of the City is a show dedicated to letting your VOICE be HEARD.  YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS WE GOT VOICES....So Lets talk about it 

    *​Music Producer*    *Song Writer*    *Artist*     *Poet* 
    *Community Activist*     *Life Coach*    *Educational Leader* 
Or Just waiting to be Heard...

Born and Raised in Tampa FL, she also resided in Ocala ,FL  briefly.  LJ'LiShy  is an alumni of Thomas Jefferson High School and Saint Leo University.  During her childhood LJ'LiShy considered the Boys & Girls Club as her second home.  Attending the Boys and Girls Club helped LJ'LiShy  find her calling of mentoring, tutoring,youth empowerment and encouraging others. LJ'LiShy  kind spirit came from her father Big$Ced who had a big influence on her life. His actions of always reaching out and helping the community in any way possible to make an impact on lives inspires her life today.  LJ'LiShy fathers involvement of community influences through the use of his musical talents inspired her to fall in love with music. Music became apart of  LJ'LiShy daily routine she listened to various radio stations, various genres of music, radio talk shows, and Brain McKnight, BabyFace and Aaliyah. LJ'LiShy  dream now became to have her own radio talk show someday  that involves all of her previous influences in life.  LJ'LiShy calling would no longer be a just dream, now its a reality.  

Born and Raised in Tampa , Fl.  Served in the military from2012 til 2015 .  Is an alumni of Middleton High School graduate in 2006.  He began rapping and drawing from being on punishment alot as a child. He let go of drawing and continued to rap.   While on punishment he was only allowed to  go to school,  eat, and go to sleep.   After countless days of sitting in his room with nothing to do he began to write music.   He listened to hip-hop icons such as Kanye West T.I. Ludacris. this artist influecnes helped FRE$H molded himself into lyrical, witty, and versatile  rapper. FRE$H is a hard working unique rapper. he is looking to forward in taking the rap industry to different levels and helping others out .  FRE$H other hobbies included beatmaking and stand up comedies.   FRE$H dreams of doing a stand up comedy before he dies 
Born in Hollywood, FL raised in Georgia for some years and than moved to Tampa. Fye is alumni of Middleton High School. FYE fell in love with music at a young age while watching choir practices at her church. FYE began to sing in church and write songs. Gospel Artist like Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond and Tremaine Hawkins inspired her. Throughout life FYE held fast to her gospel roots but began to explore more genres and atrist. Fye loves atrist like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Aaliyah and the meanings in their song. During early years in high school FYE would sit with her best friend and write songs, poems, and raps. Her friends would often come to her asking her for hooks and verse to their songs this inspired her to pay more attention to her talent that she often ignored. While being in love with music FYE had another passion of helping others in away possible especially youth. This gave FYE of a vision of creating a music school for urban youth to attend that teaches all aspects of music not just instruments and vocals.